Welcome to Riley’s Room

On 2nd November 2012, our son Riley Elliott was born asleep…….

The intent of this blog is to……. share our story, our photos, our healing, our love for our precious first born child and raise awareness of the often taboo subject of stillbirth.

Our precious boy!!

butterfly 2                  “An angel in the book of life             butterfly 2   

                                                Wrote down our baby’s birth                                                

And whispered as she closed the book

Too beautiful for this earth”

Jacaranda tree


13 thoughts on “Welcome to Riley’s Room

  1. Hi Kelly and Lee,
    The photos of Riley and of your family together are just too beautiful! I felt compelled to tell you that your website has honoured Riley in such a truly beautiful way. He was here and he was perfect! I was someone unsure of what to say to you about the loss of your little man for fear of upsetting you at work. I think your website so clearly speaks of love not loss. I look forward to hearing about your ‘Run for Riley’ campaign and would be honoured to be a part of it!

    Thank you for sharing Riley and his special memories, Vicki

  2. Dear Lee, Kelly, and Riley

    I am reminded somehow of so many things which I must share here now, if you will.

    This is all about grief. Somehow we all know that, and yet somehow we might yet manage to let that pass us by?

    THERE IS a very wonderful little book, although I haven’t read it in its entirety for many years now, which helped me out at a time where I had been suffering for many years as the result of my ersthwhile unresolved grief.

    Without further ado, please let me say that the book is still available in print, and perhaps you may well be familiar with it, but I just want to be sure, lest you remain unfamiliar with it.


  3. “Coping With Grief” — its title is almost a misnomer! But we must all somehow “cope” with grief, where even the THE OUTSTANDING FACT Of the matter is that there’s really NO Such thing as “coping with grief.”

    Grief, or as Lou Reed might have put it, “Magic & Loss,” is NOT such a thing where one might merely “cope”. Cope?

    There is a place where one must and can only understand how grief and loss like that are fundamentally intrinsic parts of life and therefore society.

    So, here is a thing. No, it’s the thing here, really. Grief or grieving, and the idea of trying to cope with grief, seriously, these are simply like sports injuries.

    They never go away, but we LEARN to manage them.

    Or rather we can learn to manage them well, and so we should. Or rather we bloody well ought to!

  4. “People are like stained-glass windows.
    They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
    but when the darkness set in,
    their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.”
    Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

  5. Dearest Lee and Kelly,
    I have thought of you and your precious little boy so many times since last September, and today found out of his passing. He is so beautifully perfect in every way, and I am so deeply sorry for the loss you’ve both endured. His nursery is so beautiful, as are your words, thoughts, and website. I thought of little Riley as I ran in the bush today. Perfect little baby with such a beautiful family. He will always be in my thoughts. Much love, Lori Glover xo

  6. Seeing what you guys went through was heartbreaking. No one deserves to go through that heartache, what a worthwhile charity you are raising money for, so more can be understood about why still births are still so common. Good luck to both of you in your runs for Reily

  7. Hi Kelly and Lee
    We are at a loss for words as to what to say. It was sad to discover your precious baby was born asleep. It is truly a beautiful way to honour your son in the ways that you have. From the photographs, so lovely and calm…to the charities. We really wish you all the very best as you work through this chapter in your lives. Riley is one very special little man with inspirational parents.
    With love
    Wendy & Matt Rheinberger

  8. Hi Kelly and Lee, on behalf of all of us at Sands Queensland, thank you for choosing us as your charity for Bridge to Brisbane, we receive a pittance from Qld Health to support the entire state and it is bereaved parents like you who have such love and compassion that make it possible for us to keep supporting other parents. We really appreciate every cent raised and being a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation, we are experts in shoestring budgeting! Riley’s memory will live on forever, this blog is a wonderful way to honour him. Riley would be so proud of his mum and dad. ‘A life, no matter how fragile, or brief, forever changes the world.’ Nelia Gunn (coordinator Sands Queensland)

  9. Dear Kelly and Lee,
    I met you and your group very briefly at the B2B run last Sunday morning. I took a group photo of your running group before I even realised who your group was. There was a rainbow streak across the three photos I took but it looked cool. I asked Rileys Dad what kind of group you all were and he explained. It’s hard to explain this properly but I felt so much love near you, that I felt so happy to see you all together. I gave Rileys Dad a hug. You see i was meant to be there too. A week ago I applied to go to UNI to become a midwife. I feel so drawn to it but also I feel there are sides to it that I am not prepared for but hope that I am the type of person that will bring Love into any situation. Thankyou Riley for finding me and showing me your rainbow. Lots of love from Anita xxx

  10. Good evening –
    I am just seeing your site. What a precious little boy. It is so apparent to me that the love you have for this little soul is meant to inspire the world. Thank you for sharing. God bless you and your family. God bless you, Riley.

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